Market News Briefing – November 30th 2016 08:30 (GMT+1)


The European stocks markets started the day with a rise , just like yesterday’s closing on Wall Street.
The Investors eyes are now turned to Vienna where the producers meeting will be held today by OPEC members.
They will try to reach an agreement on the freezing the output in order to stabilize the price of oil.

Market News Briefing – November 29th 2016 15:30 (GMT+1)

Group of black oil barrels

The price of the oil is now falling by 3.9% to a price level of 45.2 dollars per barrel, at the background to what looked like a break-up of the summit attempt to decide tomorrow on OPEC output reduction.
Iran’s oil minister announced that his country doesn’t intend to sign a pledge to reduce the output and that the intention is only to leave the production levels as they were at OPEC meeting in September.