Oil – March 9th 2017 10:30 (GMT+1)


The price of the falls below 50 dollars the first time since December.
Yesterday it was reported that US weekly crude inventories reached to a peak together with a drop in oil exports to China last month.
The WTI oil price falling by 1.75% to 49.40 per barrel.
The price of oil Brent falls by 1.73% to 52.19 per barrel.


Commodity market – February 14th 2017 15:45 (GMT+1)

Group of black oil barrels

Lots of interest around the oil on reassessment background that OPEC is expected to increase the oil demand in 2017 by 1.3 million barrels per day, mainly due to demand from China.
It’s still not known if US demand will grow in light of Trump’s statements that he intends to re-build the US However, at this point, OPEC predict that China will be the main factor in demand for oil.