Daily market review – February 28th 2017


The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street yesterday ended with a slight rising prices.
The Dow Jones ended at the height of the 12th day in a row, the longest sequence since 1987.
The index rose by 0.1%, as did the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq rose by 0.3%.

The Asian stock markets trading takes place this morning is rising towards the end of a positive month as a result of the increase in indices on Wall Street.
Investors await for the speech by the US president, Donald Trump, in the US Congress tonight.
Trump is expected to provide more details about his economic policies and tax reforms that he wants to lead.

In Japan posted disappointing data indicated a decline in industrial output for the first six months.
The decline was caused by a slowdown in vehicle production

Commodities market this morning:
The WTI oil rising by 0.3% to $ 54.2 per barrel, the Brent oil rising by 0.3% to $ 56.1 per barrel.
The increases are recorded in light of estimates in the market that the demand for commodities going to stabilize the energy market.

Trading Opportunity:


On a weekly chart the pair stops around a resistance area, as part of a range after a big downtrend.
An opportunity to join in with the line of thought of continued declines can be from the levels of 0.7700 – 0.7650, the trade will be for a longer time frame.


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