Daily market review – March 3rd 2017


Wall Street’s stock markets recorded the sharpest daily fall this month following a decline in the banks and industry shares.
The S&P 500 retreated by 0.6%, the sharpest daily decline since January 30.
The Nasdaq Composite Index fell by 0.7%, the Dow Jones lost 0.5% but closed above the 21,000 level.

Snap shares soared yesterday by 44% on its first trading day on Wall Street.
On Wednesday snapchat app were issued at a value of $ 24 billion.

The inflation in Japan rose in January for the first time by more than a year at the backdrop of the government’s efforts and the country’s central bank to keep the economy from a state of deflation.
The CPI rose by 0.1% compared with January, 2016, after falling 0.2% in December.
The price increases resulted mainly from higher prices of oil and other commodities.

This morning the Asian stock markets trading is conducted with price declines following the trend on Wall Street tonight.
Tokyo drops 0.6%, Hong Kong lost 0.6%, Shanghai is weaker by 0.4% ,Singapore falls by 0.9%, Seoul lost 1.3%.

Trading Opportunity


An intraday opportunity.
On an hour chart the main trend is an up-trend.
At the moment there is a resistance line around the level of 0.8590.
If the pair will broke above the areas of 0.8590 – 0.8600, there will be a chance to enter for a CALL trades, with the main trend for short trades time frames.


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