Daily market review – April 5th 2017

Trading And Investing

The Wall Street markets closed yesterday with a small rise, ahead of the meeting of US President Donald Trump and President of China.
The energy and raw materials sectors led the gains at the Dow Jones who closed up by 0.2%.
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq climbed by less than 0.1%.

The US trade deficit narrowed nearly 10 percent in February, as imports of cars and mobile phones plunged and exports jumped to a 26-month high, according to macroeconomic data released yesterday in the United States.

The Asian markets are down for the upcoming meeting of presidents of the United States and China tomorrow.
The Shanghai and Taiwan Stock Exchanges are rising after a holiday in the past two days.
The Japanese yen rising for a fourth straight day.

Trading Opportunity

The main trend of the pair is a rising trend as seen on the weekly char, where a triangle pattern is developing.
Our tendency is to join in with this trend.

eur.gbp w 5.4.17

When we go down to a daily time frame, we could try to schedule it.

eur.gbp d 5.4.17
We are waiting for pair will go above the higher line of the triangle, above the level of 0.8785.


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