Daily market review – May 26th 2017


Inflation data released today in Japan slightly disappointed investors.
According to data from the Ministry of the Interior and Communications in the country, the core price index, which excludes fresh food, rose in April at an annual rate of 0.3%.
While the figure represents an improvement from March, when the index rose by 0.2%, the Nikkei published a survey of analysts who predicted that core inflation in the country would rise by 0.4%.

Wall Street indexes closed yesterday with a rise for the sixth day in a row after a strong financial reports from Sears and Best Buy, and US jobless claims fell to a nearly 50-year low.

In the foreign currency market, the US dollar traded against the Euro without appreciating significantly around $ 1.1212 per euro, while the pound fell by 0.5% to a two-week low and traded around $ 1.2879 per pound.


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