Daily market review – June 6th 2017


The trading on the European stock exchanges is going down slightly.
London is down by 0.1%, Frankfurt is down by 0.4%, Paris loses 0.5%.

Investors are looking for a “safe haven” against the background of the US dollar’s slide to its lowest level in eight months and the fall in yields on US government bonds to its lowest level since November.
The yield on US 10-year bonds fell to 2.157% and the price of gold rose by 0.7% to $ 1289.19 per ounce, the highest since April 19.

The trading on the Asian stock exchanges is on the decline as the Japanese yen strengthens.
Tokyo closed down by 1%, Seoul weakened by 0.1%, Hong Kong rising by 0.2%, Shanghai trades unchanged, Singapore is down by 0.1% and Sydney plunged 1.5%.

The Oil traded slightly higher at the backdrop of tension in the Persian Gulf after Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen yesterday announced the severing of diplomatic ties with Qatar.


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