Daily market review – June 20th 2017


The Asian markets are trading this morning with a clear bias towards price hikes, following the positive closing on Wall Street last night and the rise in futures contracts this morning.
Europe is also expected to have a positive opening.

In Asia, the Japanese stock market is climbing, China is rising slightly, and Hong Kong is easing.

In Europe, the negotiations on Britain’s retirement terms from the European Union opened after the failure of Teresa Mae’s ruling party in the elections.
It is estimated that the EU will dictate the conditions for Britain’s exit, and without a majority in the parliament it will not be able to stand on its hind legs .

China and Hong Kong are waiting for the MSCI Index to update in the East, which will clarify whether some of the major stocks will enter the index of the developing countries of the organisation.
If so, analysts estimate a rise in shares there in the coming days.

The Australian market is slipping and tumbling today as Moody’s downgraded 12 Australian banks, weighing about a quarter of the stock market, because of concerns about credit to households and real estate.


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