Daily market review – July 10th 2017


The trading on Wall Street stock exchanges will open today in an upbeat mood after a reassuring employment report released on Friday, a report that indicating a continued recovery in the US job market, with the addition of 222K jobs in June, well above the early forecasts, and was pushing the Wall Street indices to a weekly gains.

The unemployment in the US now stands at 4.4%, which is the lowest level in 16 years, and less than half of the unemployment rate in the Euro zone.

On the macroeconomic front this week, the inflation indices and the producer price index, will be published on Thursday.
The consumer price index will be published on Friday.
The US inflation rate is satisfactory, moving above 2% at an annualized rate since the beginning of 2017, depending on the Fed’s target.

The rise in inflation, coupled with encouraging economic data in the employment market and in consumer and business confidence, contributes to the Federal Reserve’s policy of raising interest rates, which last month raised the interest rate again to 1-1.25 percent.

The decision to raise the interest rate in the United States last month was supported by almost all Federal Reserve officials, but among central bank leaders there was a dispute over appropriate long-term policy.
According to the protocol of the FOMC meeting, On raising interest rates in the US for the third time in six months.
The protocol also revealed details of their plan to begin gradually reducing more than $ 4.5 trillion of assets in the central bank’s balance sheets.


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