Market News Briefing – November 17th 2016 14:45 (GMT+1)


The foreign exchange market:
The US dollar weakened against the Euro by 0.15% and is trading at about 1.071 dollars for Euro.


Market News Briefing – Oct. 5th 2016 07:30 (GMT+1)


The US dollar strengthened yesterday and has reached a two months high, as when he broke a significant resistance level, because of the increasing expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise US interest rates by end of the year.

The US dollar strengthened by 1.1% against the Japanese yen.
The US dollar climbed against the British pound by 0.8% to US $ 1.2736 a pound, after earlier it been strengthened exchange of 1.2722 dollars to the pound.
It’s the highest level of the US versus the British currency since 1985.
The pound weakened in the last two days after the head of a British government Theresa May announced on Article 50 of the exit the uk from the European Union, and this will start within a few months.
The US dollar climbed by 0.1% against the Euro of 1.1199 dollars to the euro.

Market News Briefing – Sep. 5th 2016 07:00 (GMT+1)


The Asian markets reacting to the disappointing US employment report with a rises.
Tokyo rises by 1%,Hong Kong rising by 1.7%,Shanghai climbed 0.2%.
The foreign exchange market, the US dollar weakened by 0.3% against the yen and is trading at about 103.62 yen to the dollar.
For the Japanese exporters it is bad news, because they prefer a weak yen to help them be more competitive in export markets.