Forex – February 15th 2017 11:45 (GMT+1)


The US dollar strengthened against major currencies.
The Euro falls by 0.3% to 1.0550 Euro to the dollar.
The pound weakened by 0.3% to 1.2433 pounds to the dollar.
The dollar strengthened against the Japanese yen by 0.2% to 114.54 yen to the dollar.


Japan – January 31st 2017 07:30 (GMT+1)


Japan has posted today some macroeconomic data which painted a confusing picture about the activity’s in the third largest economy in the world.
The country’s industrial output grew for the second month in a row view of the increasing demand for Japanese goods, caused by by the weakening of the Japanese yen.
December industrial output rose by 0.5%, continuing a surge of 1.5% in November.
Other data released today indicate a decline in consumer spending, which may explain the expected slowdown in growth in the fourth quarter.