Germany industrial output – February 7th 2017 09:30 (GMT+1)

Germany released disappointing data indicating a fall of 3% in December industrial output in Europe’s largest economy.
The decline contrasts with the trend in November and October.


Japan – January 31st 2017 07:30 (GMT+1)


Japan has posted today some macroeconomic data which painted a confusing picture about the activity’s in the third largest economy in the world.
The country’s industrial output grew for the second month in a row view of the increasing demand for Japanese goods, caused by by the weakening of the Japanese yen.
December industrial output rose by 0.5%, continuing a surge of 1.5% in November.
Other data released today indicate a decline in consumer spending, which may explain the expected slowdown in growth in the fourth quarter.

Market News Briefing – November 14th 2016 07:30 (GMT+1)


The trading on the Asian stock markets conducted with a mixed trend, at the background of mixed macroeconomic data in China which weigh down the trading, while weakening the Japanese yen that benefited the Japanese exporters and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

China National Statistics Office published today that retail sales in October increased by 10% compared to October 2015, but a drop compared to the 10.7% increase in September.
Another data pointed of a growth of 6.1% in industrial output – a figure identical to that published last month, but it was short compared to the economists’ forecasts.