Trading opportunity 09:30 (GMT+1)


Yesterday, we wrote about the price of this stock who broke below a diagonal support line, as when we assumed that the price will continue to go down.
Daily chart:

jpm d 16.6.16
At the start of the trading day yesterday the opening price of the stock was 62.41, above the entry levels we set.
At the end of the day the price of the stock did went down, by 0.18%, and at the end of trading it was set on the price level of 61.97, lower than the previews day.
The trading volume was high once again and this hints us that another day of decline could happen.

For Forex traders:
Sell between the levels of : 62.00 – 61.90.
Stop loss point : 62.25.
Take profit point : 60.00.

For Binary options traders:
A put option between the levels of : 62.00 – 61.90.
Expiry time : June 16, the end of the trading day.