Daily market review – June 22nd 2017


There are price rises this morning on the Asian stock exchanges, despite the declines in New York last night.
The reason for the increases is mainly the weakening of oil prices when the Chinese economy, which is a large oil consumer, will be the biggest beneficiary of the decline in prices.
Last night, prices fell in New York, led by the energy companies whose profits are eroding as oil prices fall, but while a figure that is poorly interpreted as one is positive for the other, so low oil prices are the ones that project positively on Asian trading.
The oil prices also dragged Europe to a negative close yesterday as well.
The British bank Barclays has been indicted on suspicion of fraud in connection with fund raising from investors in Qatar in 2008, which brought the bank $ 15 billion in capital that allowed it to survive the major financial crisis without government bailouts. The indictment was also filed against the CEO and four other senior officials.


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