Daily market review – June 26th 2017


The trading on Asian stock exchanges opened on Monday with price hikes as the oil prices rose and the futures contracts on Wall Street indexes rose.
Oil prices are up about 1% today, with Brent trading at $ 45.9 per barrel and WTI trading at $ 43.5 a barrel.
Despite the correction, many in the market estimate that oil prices will continue to be under pressure due to increased output in the US, Libya and other countries, and the question is whether Saudi Arabia, Russia and other oil exporters will soon take another aggressive step to reduce output.

The S&P 500 Index – Is the upward trend still underway?
The recent feeling in the markets is of discontent.
Stocks with sharp declines, negative headlines and in general a less positive atmosphere than we have been accustomed to.
The main question is whether this feeling is backed by market behaviour.
The year 2016 ended excellent for the S&P 500, not only with an increase of 9.56%.
but also how it ended and the strength of the long trend indicates that at this stage any decline will be for the purpose of a rise.


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