Daily market review – June 27th 2017


The trading in the European stock exchanges this morning is conducted at price declines.
London is trading in a small decline, Frankfurt is down by 0.4%, Paris loses 0.4%.

Deutsche Telekom share is down by 3.3% after the news that the US media firm Sprint may merge with T-Mobile, controlled by Deutsche Telekom.

The US dollar is trading steadfastly against leading currencies.
The Japanese yen is up by 0.1% to 111.74 yen.
The Euro and pound sterling traded at $ 1.119 and $ 1.2722 respectively.

The oil continues to rise but remains below the price level of $ 50 a barrel.
The Brent oil is up by 0.8% to $ 46.2 a barrel, and the WTI is up by 0.7% to $ 43.7 a barrel.

China’s industrial sector rose by 16.7 percent in May from May 2016 as global demand increased.
The profit rose to 626 billion yuan (91.5 billion US dollars), according to China’s office of Statistics.
Economists’ forecasts are for a slowdown in China’s manufacturing growth in the second half of 2017, which will hurt industrial sector profits and the global economic downturn that began a year ago, however, Chinese exports remained strong, at the background of rising demand in the US and Europe.

Yesterday, the trading on the Wall Street stock exchanges closed in a mixed trend on the first trading day of the week.
The Dow Jones and the S & P closed almost unchanged, and the NASDAQ shed 0.3%.


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