US trade deficit – February 7th 2017 15:00 (GMT+1)


The US trade deficit widened slightly in 2016 to 502.3 billion dollars, the largest deficit since 2012.
The deficit expanded to a record of the last four years and it stems from the fact that the exports from the United States shrank in a sharper pace than imports to the United States.


Market News Briefing – Oct. 13th 2016 07:30 (GMT+1)


Serious disappointment in China:

The exports from the country fell in September by 10% (compared to September last year), versus economists forecast a decline of 3.2% only, and after a falling of 2.8% in August.
This is the sixth consecutive month of decline in exports of China.

The imports to China in September recorded a decline of 1.9%, versus a forecast of a rise of 1% and an increase of 1.5% in August.

The trade balance surplus in September was of 41.99 billion versus a forecast of 52.30 billion and a surplus of 52.05 billion dollars in August.