Market News Briefing – November 25th 2016 07:00 (GMT+1)


The trading on European stock exchanges ended yesterday with small gains,
The European stock markets activity was lower than usual in light of the fact that on Wall Street there was no trading on the occasion of the US Thanksgiving holiday.
The FTSE increased by 0.2%, the DAX added 0.25% and the CAC grew by 0.3%.


Market News Briefing – Sept. 14th 2016 09:00 (GMT+1)


The European stock markets are going up this morning, after yesterday they closed at the lowest level for more than a month.
FTSE rising by 0.2%, the DAX adds 0.2% and the CAC rising by 0.1%.

The statistics office in France reported that the consumer price index rose in August. The index in August rose by 0.3% compared to July, and compared with the corresponding month last year it increased by 0.2%.
The data was in line with expectations.

Market News Briefing – Aug 19th 2016 13:15 (GMT+1)


The trading day in the US is expected to open with slight declines in the stock indices, after the trading ended yesterday in a small rise.
The European stock markets are currently trading on a negative trend, in light of profit taking after the gains of the past few weeks.

At the background of the trading, the disputes between the heads of the Federal Reserve regarding the timing of the next interest rate rise (if any).
On Wednesday the protocol of the last Fed meeting will be released and they will reveal the differences of opinion.