Interest rates – March 9th 2017 12:45 (GMT+1)


The European Central Bank left all its key interest rates unchanged.
Also, the European Central Bank kept its quantitative-easing program unchanged as policy makers gauge whether a recent jump in inflation will endure.
The Governing Council reaffirmed its decision that monthly asset purchases will be reduced to 60 billion euros ($63 billion) from April, compared with 80 billion euros currently.


Market News Briefing – December 20th 2016 07:00 (GMT+1)


The Bank of Japan kept the interest rates negative at minus 0.1% and the target government bond yields to 10 years at 0%.
The bank also will continue to buy government bonds at an annual rate of 80 trillion yen.
The central bank interest rate announcement stated that the Japanese economy continues to recover at a moderate pace but raised economic forecasts regarding exports and industrial output.