Trading opportunity 10:00 (GMT+1)

Coca Cola

On a daily chart we can see that the price of the share went down yesterday by 1.51%.
This fall came after the share was halted at a resistance line.

coca cola d 27.7.16
With the decline, the average of the RSI indicator crossed down his 50 line.

For Forex traders:
Sell between the levels of : 45.00 – 44.80.
Stop loss point : 45.20.
Take profit point : 43.80.

For Binary options traders:
A put option between the levels of : 45.00 – 44.80.
Expiry time : end of the day, July 31


Market News Briefing – 07:30 (GMT+1)


Twitter crashed by 10% due to a disappointing forecast

Twitter share went down yesterday by more than 10% after-hours trading on Wall Street, after the social media company provided disappointing revenue forecast for the current quarter.
The Company expects to record in the third quarter a revenues of 590-610 million, far less than the analysts who estimated revenues of $ 690 million.

McDonald’s shares fell by 4.5% after the fast-food chain reported on a quarterly revenue and profits are lower than expected.

Market News Briefing – 15:30 (GMT+1)


Traders around the world are waiting anxiously for two major events to be held later in the week:
The interest rate and monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve and the interest rate announcement of the Bank of Japan.
According to market forecasts, the Japanese bank will put into effect some monetary incentives in order to weaken the Japanese yen, which strengthened after the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, and to encourage their growth.